A retrospective epidemiological study of delay for updated Thai red cross intradermal anti-rabies vaccination schedule amongst animal bite cases attending ARV clinic at a tertiary care centre

Amol R. Patil, Mukesh S. Bawa, Mangesh B. Shirpurkar, Murlidhar P. Tambe


Background: Rabies is an acute viral disease, which causes encephalomyelitis in virtually all the warm blooded animals, including man. Almost 20000 deaths occur in India. The present study conducted with objective to analyze the delays and compliance for anti-rabies vaccination as per schedule and its some factors among the animal bite cases.

Methods: Retrospective cross sectional record based study of cases attended Anti-Rabies Vaccination (ARV) clinic during the period of April 2012 to March 2013. The data extracted from records included socio-demographic variables, animal bite history treatment received and completion of ARV schedule. Data entered and analyzed using SPSS 21.

Results: Total of 3548 animal bite cases attended the ARV clinic. Out of these cases, 18.2 %, 20.3% and 14.2% of cases not reported on scheduled date for 2nd, 3rd & 4th dose of ARV respectively. Only 34.3% of cases completed the schedule. Delay for receiving ARV among women, cases from rural area & class II animal bite was statistically significant.

Conclusions: Counselling regarding   follow up of ARV schedule at the time of first visit to the anti-rabies vaccine clinic must be strengthened to avoid poor compliance and delaying of schedule.


Animal bite, Intradermal, Anti-rabies vaccine, Delay

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