Morbidity pattern among geriatric population in urban field practice area of district of Maharashtra: a cross sectional study


  • Swapnil Jain Department of Community Medicine, Government Medical College, Miraj, Maharashtra
  • Alka C. Kaware Department of Community Medicine, Indira Gandhi Government Medical College, Nagpur Maharashtra
  • Mohan K. Doibale Department of Community Medicine, Government Medical College, Aurangabad, Maharashtra
  • Shabana Shaikh Department of Community Medicine, Topiwala National Medical College and BYL Nair Hospital Mumbai Central Maharashtra
  • Radhey BK Department of Community Medicine, Government Medical College, Miraj, Maharashtra, India
  • Madhuri P. Mathurkar Department of Community Medicine, Government Medical College, Miraj, Maharashtra, India



Elderly, Urban, Geriatric, Morbidity, Hypertension


Background: There is a rapid expansion of geriatric age group due to increased longevity & so the morbidities among them, Morbidity pattern in geriatric age group need to be studied extensively for formulating effective strategies to improve their health status. The objectives of the study were to assess some specified morbidities among geriatric population and to study association of socio-demographic factors with morbidities among geriatric population.

Methods:A Community based cross sectional study was conducted in the urban slums, field practice area of Community Medicine attached to a tertiary care hospital. Study period was Jan 2013-Dec 2014 .Persons aged ≥60 years residing in the urban slums were included. Total 600 elderly persons were studied. A pre-designed, pre-tested semi structured questionnaire was used to collect information. Data was entered in Microsoft excel and analysed by using frequency, proportion, chi-square test with SPSS 16.

Results: Out of 600 subjects, majority 65.3%  had hearing impairment, followed by anemia 62.2% HTN, 46.2%,  joint pain 42.3%, dental problems 41.0%, cataract 38.7%, chronic bronchitis 31.8%, APD 27.3%, DM 11%, skin diseases 7.5%, piles 7.2%, BPH 3.7% and TB 1.0%. Various socio-demographic variables were found to be significantly associated with morbidities. Majority 486 (81%) had multiple morbidity, 89 (14.8%) had single and only 25 (4.2%) were not suffering from any type of morbidity.

Conclusions:The study presented higher rate of Morbidity among elderly and its interesting association with various socio-demographic variables which may have important implications in planning for various health care delivery services for elderly.


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