Morbidity pattern among the elderly population in the rural area of Pondicherry: a cross sectional study


  • Sudarshan B. P. Department of Community Medicine, DMWIMS Wayanad, Kerala
  • Chethan T. K. Department of Community Medicine, AIMS, B G Nagar, Mandya, Karnataka



Elderly, Geriattric, Morbidity, Rural, Chronic


Background: Aging is a biological process, experienced by mankind in all times. However, concern for aging of population is a relatively new phenomenon, which has raised due to significantly large increase in number and proportions of aged persons in the society.” The present study was conducted to access the morbidity pattern of the geriatric population (age >60years) from the field practice area of Department of Community medicine, MGMC&RI. The objective of the study was to assess the Socio-Demographic variables and to identify the morbidity pattern among the geriatric population.

Methods:The study was carried out at the community level, of the field practice area of department of community medicine, MGMC&RI, Puducherry from Jan 2010 to Dec 2010. All the persons aged 60 years and above were listed. Samples were selected proportionately according to geriatric population of individual villages. Simple Random Sampling was used to select the study sample of 360 from the list. House to house visits was made to collect the data.

Results: Majority of the elderly was in the age group of 60-69 (59.2%), Illiterate and in BPL category. Use of smoking and alcohol was more in males while tobacco in females. Visual disability was followed by Hearing and speech. 50% had history of chronic diseases. Anemia was seen in (96%) followed by , hypertension 28%, arthritis (25%), diabetes (22%), respiratory diseases including asthma and tuberculosis (9%), acid peptic diseases (5%), falls (4%), and skin conditions (2%). Presence of chronic diseases was associated with low SES (P = 0.003). 73% showed psychological morbidity and associated in males (P=0.003).

Conclusions:Fifty percent morbidity was observed regarding to the presence of chronic diseases. Morbidities differ from place to place and unique to ones geographical area, customs, social and cultural practices. Majority of the elderly with morbidities rated their health to be good showing their mental attitude of understanding ageing and life.


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