Lifestyle and nutritional status of late adolescent in an urban area of Western Maharashtra: cross sectional study

Jyoti A. Landge, Gajanan D. Khadkikar


Background: Prevalence of overweight and obesity is rapidly increasing among adolescent age. One of the reasons is change in lifestyle and behavior practices. Adolescent population and health of adolescents have a special concern. In late adolescence there is transition from school to college or university. This transition to college life often worsens lifestyle and dietary habits among late adolescents. Present study was carried out to assess lifestyle and nutritional status of late adolescent.

Methods: A cross sectional study were carried out involving 140 late adolescent students of 17-19 years after obtaining permission from college principle using preformed questionnaire. Subsequently anthropometric measurements like weight in kg and height in meters, waist and hip circumference in centimetre were measured using standard assessment measures.

Results: Out of 140 students 51 (36.4%) were boys and 89 (63.6%) were girls. Mean age of the students was 18.13±0.79 years. Overall prevalence of overweight and obesity was 49 (35%) and 29 (20.7%) respectively. No significant difference in BMI for boys and girls. Waist circumference and waist hip ratio was more in girls compared with boys. More than half 53.6% had mixed diet pattern. Among study participants 55.7% have green leafy vegetables in their diet and 62.8% have fruit in their diet. Most frequent unhealthy diet practice was intake of junk food 85% followed by fast food.

Conclusions: High prevalence of obesity and overweight in late adolescent indicate an urge to start primordial and primary intervention since childhood.


Adolescent, Diet, Obese, Overweight, Waist hip ratio

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