A comparative study of attendances of ATKT students with the attendances of regular students

Rambadan Phoolchand Chauhan


Background: ATKT students attend community medicine lectures irregularly during their II MBBS university examinations and during other periods also. This study attempts to explore whether the attendances of ATKT students varied significantly, statistically from the attendances of regular students.

Methods: This study was conducted at ACPM Medical College, Dhule, Maharashtra between 1 April 2016 to 15 October 2016. The author took the attendances of students carefully and meticulously for all lectures. He took the attendance of lectures of other faculties also with due respect and permission.

Results: There were total 93 students in which 63 students were regular and 30 students were ATKT. During the study period a total of 83 lectures were conducted. Mean attendance of regular students was 58.6 while the same (mean attendance) of ATKT students was 24.4.The author applied ‘standard error of difference between two proportions’ test to compare the two groups. The attendance in % for regular students was 70.6% and the same for ATKT students was 29.4%. The difference in attendances between the two groups was statistically significant with Z value at 4.07.

Conclusions: The attendance of ATKT students was abysmally poor. The difference of attendances of ATKT students and Regular students was statistically highly significant.


ATKT students, Regular students

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