Study on morbidity pattern of neonates admitted to special new born care unit of M.K.C.G. medical college hospital with special reference to hypoglycemia

Geetanjali Sethy, Dhaneswari Jena, Santosh Pradhan, Pravati Jena, Debasish Sethy


Background: Children under five are most fragile group of population and so subjected to high mortality and morbidity. Among them, neonatal group is highly suseptible due to poor adaptation of their premature organ system. Neonatal hypoglycemia is a common co-morbid condition contributing to mortality. The objective of the study was to assess the etiology and clinical profile of neonatal hypoglycemia among the neonates admitted to special newborn care unit and to assess the co-morbidity pattern among them.

Methods: Type of study was hospital based cross-sectional study at SNCU of MKCG Medical College Berhampur, Odisha. Sample size was 204 neonates who developed hypoglycaemia (blood glucose level <40 mg/dl). Study period was 2016-2017 statistical tests used-percentage and proportion. Statistical software used- SPSS 16 version.

Results: Out of total 2616 admission during study period, the incidence of hypoglycemia was 7.79%.52% were male babies and 58% were out borns. Among the maternal causes, anemia was the most common cause (37.7%). Low birth weight was highest (55.8%) among neonatal factors. Jitteriness and tremor were the major symptoms (32.5% cases). Lethargy and poor feeding were presenting symptoms (19.6% cases). On analysing the outcome, 7.8% neonate died and 78.4% recovered.

Conclusions: Being a common co morbid condition and presented with other neonatal problems it is more seen among outborn males and anemic mothers. Cause may be delay in initiation of feeding and interruption of feeding on the way during referral. However proper counseling should be given to caretaker of referral case about feeding on the way. Early detection of hypoglycemia is important to reduce mortality and prevent future sequelae in sick newborns. 


Hypoglycemia, Neonates, Morbidity

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