Quality of polyclinic services at public health centers in Padang city, Indonesia

Puteri Fannya, Delmi Sulastri, Rosfita Rasyid


Background: One of the efforts in health development is the improvement of service quality at Public Health Center. The two main factors affecting service quality are expected service and perceived service. The objective of this study was to analyze factors associated to the quality of polyclinic services at public health centers in Padang, Indonesia.

Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted in three selected polyclinics at public health centers in Padang, Indonesia, during September to October 2017. One hundred eight participants who has visited public health centers were selected. Data was collected by using questionnaire.

Results: 86.1% respondents stated the quality of health services was good. The dimension of tangible (p=0.0001), reliability (p=0.0001), responsiveness (p=0.002), assurance (p=0.027), and empathy (p=0.0001) were associated with the quality of polyclinic service in the Public Health Centers at Padang. Empathy dimension (Exp B=6.182) was the most influencing factor of service quality in polyclinic.

Conclusions: Overall the quality of polyclinic service was good, but it suggests that officers should increase attention and communication to patients as it were the most influencing factors of patient satisfaction.


Public health center, Quality, Service, Polyclinic

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