Study to assess the knowledge and health seeking behaviour of mothers of under 5 children in the catchment area of G.M.C., Bhopal

Rama Singodiya Lodha, Dinesh Kumar Pal, Shipra Verma, Veena Melwani, Amreen Khan, Harshima Sawlani, Akhil R. Nair


Background: Under 5 mortality rate is considered as the best indicator of social development and well being. Low U5MR indicates better social development as children are most vulnerable during the first 5 years. Almost 1/3rd die of infectious cause, nearly all of which are preventable.

Methods: A cross- sectional interventional study was done on 105 mothers with children under the age group of 5 years. Knowledge and practice about diarrhoea, pneumonia and immunization was assessed first followed by and educational intervention which was later followed by post intervention interview of the same mothers after a gap of 1 month. The increment in the knowledge was then assessed.

Results: 41.9% belonged to the age group of 20-25 years. 94.11% of the mothers knew what diarrhoea is and only 47.61% could tell minimum 3 signs of dehydration. 32.38% could tell the specific signs of pneumonia. 90.47% mothers knew that immunisation prevents children from diseases. The overall knowledge scores improved significantly (p<0.0001) after a gap one month.

Conclusions: The knowledge appeared to improve significantly after an education intervention. The immunization coverage was found to be adequate.



Under 5 children, Diarrhoea, Immunization

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