Adolescent pregnancy and its outcomes: a cross-sectional study

Radha Kumari Paladugu, Pavan Chand Donipudi, Divya Chimata, Manasa Jasti


Background: Teenage or adolescent pregnancy is a major public health problem worldwide. Studies show that teenage mothers are more likely to experience pregnancy-related complications and maternal death compared to adult mothers. Hence, this study was conducted to study the socio-demographic profile and the maternal and fetal outcomes associated with teenage pregnancy and compare it with those of mothers aged 20-30 years.

Methods: A cross-sectional comparative study was conducted in Government General Hospital, Guntur from April 2016 to October 2016. 50 adolescent mothers aged <19 years and 50 mothers aged 20-30 years were respectively selected as cases and controls. Data on socio-demographic profile, obstetric complications and fetal outcome was collected using a pre-designed, pre-tested, semi-structured questionnaire by face-to-face interview. Data was analysed by entering it in MS Excel worksheet.

Results: Mean age was 18.2 years in adolescent mothers and 23.2 years in controls. Mean age at marriage was 17.3 years in adolescent mothers and 19.9 years in adults. Among teenage mothers 48% were Hindus, 72% upper lower socio-economic class, 88% from rural areas, 32% illiterates, 72% housewives and 32% had consanguineous marriages. Prevalence of under-nutrition (36% vs 14%, p<0.05), PROM (20% vs 4%, p<0.05), PPH (20% vs 4%, p<0.05) was significantly higher in adolescent mothers compared to adults. Prevalence of PIH was significantly lower in adolescent mothers compared to adults (8% vs 28%, p<0.05).

Conclusions: Complications like maternal under-nutrition, PROM, PPH, preterm delivery and low birth weight babies were higher in teenage mothers compared to adult mothers. PIH was higher in adult mothers compared to adolescent mothers.


Adolescent, Adverse maternal and fetal outcomes, Cross-sectional comparative study, Socio-demographic factors, Teenage pregnancy

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