Study on knowledge about gestational diabetes mellitus and its risk factors among antenatal mothers attending care, urban Chidambaram

D. Lakshmi, A. John William Felix, R. Devi, M. Manobharathi


Background: Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a growing epidemiological problem. GDM is defined as the glucose intolerance during pregnancy. Treatment of GDM is important to avoid maternal and fetal complications. The objectives of this study was to assess the knowledge about GDM among antenatal mothers and to find out the association between knowledge and demographic factors.

Methods: A descriptive cross sectional study was done among 191 antenatal mothers in Maternity Health Centre and Government Hospital, Chidambaram during September 2017. A pre tested questionnaire was used to assess knowledge about GDM among all antenatal mothers attending OP.

Results: Among the participants, 49.2% were in the age group of 21–25 years, 93.7% of them were housewives, 56.0% of them have studied up to higher secondary level and 72.8% of them were living in rural areas. In this study it was found that 35.2% of the participants had adequate knowledge about GDM and 21.5% had adequate knowledge about its risk factors. Education and residence were found to be associated with knowledge and risk factors of GDM which is statistically significant (p<0.05).

Conclusions: The knowledge of antenatal women on GDM was just average. There is a need for training the physicians, paramedical people, and public regarding GDM. Health education programs must be conducted to improve the awareness among antenatal women for better utilization of health services. A regular screening of GDM among all pregnant women should be promoted in all health centres.


GDM, Prevalence, Risk factors, Knowledge

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