A study to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice regarding biomedical waste management among health care personnel of C. U. Shah Medical College and Hospital, Surendranagar

Pavan P. Amin, Kishor M. Sochaliya, Girija P. Kartha


Background: Healthcare generates a large amount of healthcare waste, which is complex to manage because of its variety and potential to create health and safety hazards if improperly handled. Inadequate management of biomedical waste can be associated with risks to healthcare workers, patients, communities and their environment. The aims and objectives of the study were to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of health care personnel in C. U. Shah Hospital, Surendranagar regarding Biomedical Waste Management (BMW).

Methods: This hospital based cross-sectional study was conducted in C. U. Shah Medical College, Surendranagar from February 2017 to March 2017. The study consisted of 300 Health Care Workers as participants, which included 100 doctors, 100 resident doctors and 100 paramedical staff. The data was collected using a predesigned, semi structured questionnaire containing questions on KAP regarding bio-medical waste management.

Results: The awareness regarding legislation and disposal of BMW as per color coded bags was found in 79% and 85% of the participants respectively. Only 54% of the respondents knew that BMW should not be stored beyond 48 hours and 91.7% participants are agreed that needle stick injury is a major concern. All the participants are following the practice of not recapping the used needle. 75% respondents disposed sharp materials in translucent bag.

Conclusions: Knowledge regarding biomedical waste management among doctors is satisfactory as compared to other health care workers. This has led to the poor practice of biomedical waste handling and management, hence exposing themselves and the public in general to health and environment hazards.


Biomedical waste, Health care personnel, Knowledge, Attitude

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