Clinical profile and treatment outcome of tuberculosis patients under programmatic management in a tuberculosis unit at a tertiary care center

Avinash R. Lamb, Hrishikesh A. Khadilkar, Syed Azhar Ali Shoukat Ali


Background: Tuberculosis (TB) is currently one of the greatest health hazards in the world, more so in India. So this study was conducted to study the clinical profile and treatment outcome of TB patients in a tuberculosis unit attached to a tertiary care centre.

Methods: A retrospective study was conducted among the tuberculosis patients attending the tuberculosis unit attached to Government Medical College, Aurangabad, Maharashtra. In which patient’s clinico-demographic profile and treatment outcome was recorded.

Results: A total of 2414 patients were included in this study of which 1377 (57.04%) were males and 1037 (42.96%) were females. The average age of patients was 33.4 years. 1811 (75.02%) patients had pulmonary, while 603 (24.98 %) patients had extra pulmonary involvement. Maximum patients were newly diagnosed type (77.51%) , while rest included defaulters, ATT (anti-tuberculous therapy) failure cases and relapse cases. 1795 patients (74.36%) belonged to category I ATT, 543 (22.49%) belonged to cat II ATT, and 76 (3.15%) belonged to category III ATT. Out of 2414 patients, 1088 (45.07%) were cured, while 834 (34.55%)successfully completed treatment. There were 232 defaulters (9.61%), 45 failures (1.86%) and 134 deaths (5.55%).

Conclusions: Though this study showed a greater predominance of pulmonary TB. It also observe high percentage extra pulmonary TB. A high positive treatment outcome noted may be attributed to the availability of specialist doctors and diagnostic facilities in the tertiary care centre.


Tuberculosis, Clinical profile, Treatment outcome

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