Satisfaction to healthcare among elderly; comparison study between Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Faten Sami Ali Mostafa, Ekram M. El-Shabrawy, El Morsy Ahmed El Morsy, Shaimaa Ahmed Senosy


Background: In the context of health care services; clinicians use consumer or patient satisfaction assessment to monitor their performance and alter the delivery of care in order to retain and attract customers. Also to determine how they can better meet the needs of patients and, so, improve patient compliance. This study was designed to examine the satisfaction status of elderly patients utilize the selected geriatric health centers in the study in a comparison way between Egypt and Saudi Arabia in order to improve the geriatric health care program in Egypt.

Methods: This is a cross-sectional study to assess the geriatric service through assessing the structure, process and geriatric satisfaction from the geriatric health services by an observational checklist and questionnaire. Statistical analysis was done using SPSS version 22 and Spectrum-5 software.

Results: Saudi Arabia centers were significantly higher in patients' satisfaction; there were a statistically significant difference between both countries regarding total satisfaction score (p<0.001).

Conclusions: The indicators in both countries under the study suggest a growing proportion of older people in the populations. This study has revealed that efforts to improve health care service for older people have not been fully implemented. Many older people still do not satisfy the offered medical service due to several obstacles. Policymakers must invest in the systems that would encourage and facilitate formal care provision, through partnership between the state and civil society for example and through investing in both old age and family support policies.


Geriatric health, Geriatric's satisfaction, Comparative assessment

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