Knowledge, awareness and practices regarding dengue fever among people attending at UHTC, KBNIMS, Kalaburgi

Shahnaz Shaheen, Kaviraj Motakpalli, N. D. Bendigeri, Deepak Jamadar


Background: Dengue fever (DF) is a rapidly spreading mosquito-borne viral illness all over the world. DF has expanded to new countries and from urban to rural areas. Rapid urbanization, environmental changes and neglected areas result in vector breeding which causes rise in dengue outbreaks. The objective of this study was to assess the knowledge, awareness and practices regarding DF among people residing in urban field practice area of KBNIMS, Kalaburagi.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among general patients attending UHTC, KBNIMS, Kalaburagi using a pre-tested questionnaire. The study population consists of 210 study subjects. Knowledge, awareness and practices of DF among study population was represented as proportions (%).

Results: Out of 210 individuals interviewed, 39.04% identified fever as a cardinal symptom of DF. The knowledge about other symptoms of DF was low among participants. 71.90% knew that DF is transmitted by mosquito bite. The correct timing of biting time was known by only 13.81%. In the present study only one third of the participants had received information about DF from health professionals. Despite low knowledge, the participants had good attitude and most of them reported good preventive practices against dengue prevention and control.

Conclusions: The knowledge of participants of our study was low and the practice was good for protection from other mosquito borne diseases. Therefore massive awareness campaigns are urgently required to protect the health of people against DF and to limit future spread of DF in this part of our country.


Dengue fever, Knowledge, Awareness, Practice, Preventive measures

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