Patient satisfaction with ART centre services among people living with HIV: a cross sectional study in a tertiary care hospital, Chhattisgarh, India

Srishti Dixit, Nirmal Verma, Neha Shrivastava, Mini Sharma, Somen Kumar Pradhan, Shailendra Agarwal


Background: ART centres provide the comprehensive care to the people living with HIV (PLHIV) in public sector. Patients’ satisfaction is one of the commonly used outcome measures of patient care. The objective was to assess the level of satisfaction of PLHIV and factors associated with PLHIV satisfaction with the services at ART centre.

Methods: The study was a cross-sectional design carried out at a tertiary level health care centre, Raipur during March 2016 to May 2016. A total of 320 PLHIV were selected into the study using systematic sampling. A pre-designed, pre-tested questionnaire was used to obtain data from the participants.

Results: The mean age of the PLHIV was 37.76 years±8.59. The highest score was in “satisfaction with interaction with the pharmacist” (15.38±2.786), and the lowest in “satisfaction with general services” (13.67±2.822). 61.3% of all 320 respondents were satisfied with the overall services provided at ART centre. Older, less educated, those who take lesser time to reach ART centre and adherent respondents were more likely to be satisfied with the services.

Conclusions: The study shows generally high satisfaction with services but there is still need for improvement of services in some areas where the patients showed dissatisfaction.


Satisfaction, ART centre, PLHIV

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