A study on knowledge attitudes and practices on mal aria among tribal communities of East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh

K. Sowmyasudha, G. Krishnababu, P. Sujatha, K. Satyanarayana


Background: Malaria is one of the world’s important parasitic diseases ever known to mankind. The global toll of malaria in 2010 there were an estimated 216 million cases of malaria worldwide. India is predominantly characterized by unstable malaria transmission. In Andhra Pradesh among five endemic districts East Godavari is one. We made an attempt to report knowledge and practices on malaria regarding its causation, transmission, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Methods: Using a systematic random method a total of 1136 participants were interviewed in four tribal P.H.C areas of East Godavari district. P.H.C‘s was identified by using a multistage random method. A semi-structured questionnaire which consists questions on malaria causation, transmission, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention were used as a tool to interview them. Data were entered into excel sheets and analysed by giving scorings and its categorization as good, average and poor.

Results: Knowledge among study participants on Cause, diagnosis and treatment of malaria 41.67%, man mosquito contact among study participants- 22.53%. Attitude among study participants regarding cause, diagnosis and treatment of malaria 56.22%, mosquito breeding places 45.77%, prevention of man mosquito contact 46.71%. Practices among study participants on preventive practices on cause, diagnosis and treatment 49.56%, prevention of mosquito breeding places and man mosquito contact- 42.54%.

Conclusions: In our study we found more knowledge regarding cause, diagnosis and treatment of malaria. Attitudes for prevention of mosquito breeding places are quite high. Less than half of the preventive practices were reported.


Malaria, Mosquitoes, Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices, DDT, IRS, LLINs, ITNs

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