Violence against health workforce in Bangladesh: a call for action

Md Mahbub Hossain, Abida Sultana, Tanmoy Shaha, Md Zillur Rahman, Md Mohibur Hossain Nirob, Sharmeen Yasmeen


Violence against health workforce has become a public health concern affecting the lives of the health professionals and the overall health service delivery to a greater extent. Common forms of workplace violence faced by healthcare professionals include verbal abuse, physical assault, bullying, sexual harassment and racial harassment. The scenario is more severe in low and middle-income countries where physicians, nurses and other health workers get exposure to such horrifying experiences in their day-to-day activities and Bangladesh is no exception in this regard. Experiencing different kind of conflicts at workplace has become a common news resulting life threatening injuries of the victims and leaving non-healing scars in the minds of those who has been serving to heal the wounds of others.


Violence, Health Workforce, Human Resources, Bangladesh

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