Raised body mass index and cardiovascular indices in secondary school students, South-South Nigeria

Bertilla U. Ezeonwu, Clifford O. Okike, Hyginus I. Opara, Leonard E. Abonyi, Obinna C. Ajaegbu, Efe E. Omoyibo, Ijeoma J. Nnodim, Ezinne Onyeka-Okite, Emeka Okoli, Angela A. Okolo


Background: Raised body mass index (obesity and overweight), is abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat that may impair health.The prevalence of obesity in Nigerian adolescents ranges between 1 and 10%.In children, raised body mass index is complicated with the development of cardiovascular diseases,which are consequences of arterial stiffness. The hallmark of arterial stiffness is wide pulse pressure which precedes isolated elevation of systolic blood pressure. Other manifestations of arterial stiffness are elevated diastolic blood pressure and increased mean arterial pressure. This study educated the students on healthy lifestyle and checked their cardiovascular indices.

Methods: This was a descriptive cross-sectional study of students. Their weight, height and blood pressure were measured and cardiovascular indices were calculated.

Results: There were 248 students, age between 8 and 16 years, 135 (54.4%) were males with adolescents comprising 96.8%. The prevalence rate of wide pulse pressure, raised body mass index, elevated blood pressure and increased mean arterial pressure was 26.6%, 16.1%, 8.5% and 4.0% respectively. More females and early adolescents comparably had raised body mass index.

Conclusions: The mean values for cardiovascular indices were comparably higher in those with raised body mass index.


Obesity, Blood, Pulse, Pressure, Arterial, Stiffness

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