ABC analysis of anti cancer drugs in a tertiary care Employees’ State Insurance Corporation Hospital in Delhi

S. Narang, S. K. Raju, R. Kumar


Background: Material management is co-ordinated activities comprising of planning, acquiring, storing and controlling the supply of various items for optimal use. Effective inventory management can bring about a substantial decrease in expenditure. ABC analysis categorizes all items based on their annual drug expenditure into three categories A, B and C for better control by different level managers.

Methods: ABC analysis for anticancer drugs was done in ESIC Hospital, Basaidarapur which is a tertiary care hospital of ESI Corporation in Delhi. Total number of drugs analysed were 98 with total annual expenditure of Rupees 5.77 crores approximately.

Results: 12.2% (n=12), 16.3% (n=16) and 71.4% (n=70) items were found to be in A, B and C categories respectively.

Conclusions: ABC analysis identified the drugs which need more strict control by top level management. Inventory control techniques should be an integral part of any hospital store.


Hospital store, Inventory management, ABC analysis, Anticancer drugs, ESI corporation

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