Study to find out reasons for opting medical profession and regret after joining MBBS course among first year students of a medical college in Telangana

Kishore Y. Jothula, Praveena Ganapa, Sreeharshika D., Navya K. Naidu, Abhishek P.


Background: Medical profession is one of the most highly rated professions among the students due to the fact that it offers prospects of a financially as well as a socially satisfying career. It was observed that many students in India prefer a career in medicine because of parental pressure. It has been consistently reported that a considerable proportion of medical students regret their career choice. Considering all these aspects the current study aimed at knowing the factors influencing to take up medical profession, interest towards different modes of teaching, reasons for least attention during the class and regret after choosing medicine as career.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among 150 first year medical students with a pre-tested, semi structured questionnaire. Data collected was analysed using SPSS software.

Results: The mean age of the subjects was 17.94±0.82 and majority were females (72%). Majority (82.6%) students opted MBBS out of self-interest. To earn respect in the society (83.87%) was the most common motivational factor to opt MBBS. 39.33% of the subjects was having regret feeling for choosing medical profession.

Conclusions: Self-interest was the major reason for opting MBBS. Parent’s pressure was also observed as one of the reasons for opting MBBS. Almost one third of the students were having the feeling of regret for opting medical profession. Special attention should be paid towards these students.


Motivation, Regret, Parents pressure, Demonstration, Attention, MBBS

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