Quality of antenatal care services in selected health facilities of Kaski district, Nepal

Pabitra Bastola, Dipendra Kumar Yadav, Himlal Gautam


Background: Antenatal care service is an evidence based interventions given to the pregnant women. Objective of the study was to assess quality of antenatal care services in selected health facilities of Kaski district, Nepal.

Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted in selected health institutions in Kaski district of Nepal during June to November 2017. Two hundred seven participants were selected from health facilities of Kaski district. Structured questionnaires were employed as tool for data collection.

Results: This study showed that 50.7 percent respondents waited less than 35 minutes for receiving service. More than half of the total respondents (63.3%) reported that the consultation time provided for them was less than 20 minutes. All respondents reported that weight and blood pressure measurement was undertaken while none of them reported that height was measured. It was found that maximum number of participants (99.0%) were received iron/folate tablets and tetanus vaccination. Similarly, 97.6% of participants reported that they were counselled on nutrition and 96.6% of reported they get counselling on danger signs. In overall, 48.3% of the respondents were satisfied with the services they received and 43% of the respondents received good quality ANC service from different health institutions.

Conclusions: In overall satisfaction of antenatal care services was found to be low and more than half of respondent does not received good quality ANC services.


Antenatal care services, Quality, Health facility, Service provider

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