Awareness, knowledge and attitude regarding eye donation in school going children in Uttarakhand

Anuradha Raj, Renu Dhasmana, Harsh Bahadur, Surendra Singh Bhandari


Background: Corneal blindness is one of the major causes of blindness in India which can be treated by corneal transplantation but collection of cornea lacks behind the requirement. Therefore awareness regarding eye donation and also willingness to pledge for the same is the need of the hour. Students form the backbone of any society which can motivate the society regarding eye donation only if they are well aware. This study was conducted to evaluate awareness and knowledge regarding eye donation in school going children.

Methods: Total 375 students of schools were surveyed between 25th August to 8th September 2017. We used a pre- tested, semi-structured questionnaire to obtain information from the students regarding awareness of eye donation and willingness to pledge eyes for eye donation.

Results: Out of total 375 subjects, 290 (77.3%) were aware of eye donation amongst which males were maximum 194 (66.89%) as compared to females 96 (33.10%). 231 (61.1%) students were willing to pledge eyes for eye donation which was maximum with males 142 (61.47%). There was significant difference between male and females about the knowledge regarding which, part of the eye can be utilized after eye donation, place of eye donation, what to do for eye donation in the event of a death, facial features after donation was significant with p value (0.00) each.

Conclusions: The awareness regarding eye donation is high among males as compared to females and despite being aware response for pledging eyes is not that good which means further motivation is needed for eye donation among students especially females.


Awareness, Pledging, Corneal transplantation, Eye donation, School going children

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