Job satisfaction among nurse‘s in public and private sector in Dhaka City of Bangladesh: a comparative study

Ratna Khatun, Nahida Akter, Faisal Muhammad, A. B. M. Alauddin Chowdhury


Background: Nursing is a recognized noble profession that has relations with the healing ability and a sense of reflection to serve humanity. Variations in health care sectors including reorganization, redesigning, intensifying the roles of health care professionals are the cause of nurses to extend their responsibilities. The study was aimed to analyze the level of job satisfaction among nurses in public and private sector in Dhaka city of Bangladesh.

Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional type of study was carried out among the nurses of the selected hospitals, data was collected using self-administered semi-structured questionnaire and it was analysed using SPSS.

Results: In this study the mean age of the respondents from public hospital was 34.61±7.79 years. On the other hand from private hospital the mean age was 29.33±5.91 years more than half (56%) of the respondents from public hospital had diploma in nursing, while most (45%) of the respondents from private hospital had B.Sc. in nursing. Slightly above six-tenths (61%) of the respondents were satisfied with their present job and the rest of the respondents were not satisfied.

Conclusions: The finding of this study revealed that the respondents who are working in the public hospital were more satisfied than their counterpart.


Satisfaction, Nurses, Job, Health, Bangladesh

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