A study of treatment outcome of paediatric tuberculosis patients in an urban city of central India

Sheloj Joshi


Background: It is an established fact that healthy children build healthy nation. Proper management of Paediatric Tuberculosis is very essential for the control of tuberculosis as children also act as a source of infection within a community. The objective of the study was to determine the treatment outcome of paediatric TB patients registered under RNTCP in Bhopal city and to determine the relationship of socio-demographic profile and other selected factors with treatment outcome in Paediatric TB patients registered under RNTCP in Bhopal city.

Methods: In this longitudinal study, data of all the paediatric TB patients (0 to 14 years of age group) diagnosed as TB and registered under R.N.T.C.P and fulfilling inclusion criteria during January 2013 to June 2013 were collected after obtaining informed consent from parents/guardians by using a structured questionnaire during their visit to designated microscopic centre (DMC) cum DOTS centre. The data was analysed on statistical software SPSS VS.20.

Results: In our study 93.33% of paediatric patients were treatment completed, 4.84% were declared cure and 0.60% patients each were transferred out, declared treatment failure and died respectively. Educational status of mothers of paediatric patients (X2=40.569 and p=0.019, df=24), BCG vaccination (X2=11.299 and p=0.023, df=4) and nutritional status of children (X2=26.342 and p=0.049, df=16) are significantly associated with treatment outcome.

Conclusions: Majority of paediatric patients were declared cured or treatment completed depending upon the result of sputum examination. In our study educational status of mothers of paediatric patients, BCG vaccination and nutritional status of children are significantly associated with treatment outcome. No association of treatment outcome was found with other selected factors such as age, gender, religion, type of family and socio economic status of paediatric patients.


Paediatric tuberculosis, RNTCP, Treatment outcome

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