The study of social-demographic and other determinants of hypertension in a rural population of North India, Delhi, India

Madhan K. Velu, Gajendara S. Meena, Rajesh Kumar, Mirudula K. Daga, Gopala K. Ingle


Background: Hypertension is emerging as a major public health problem in India and also increasing in rural population.

Methods: The Community based Cross-sectional study was carried out during the year 2014 in rural area of Delhi, with the objectives to estimate the prevalence of Hypertension and to identify associated socio-demographic and other determinants.

Results: Prevalence of Hypertension in rural population was found to be 21.2%; in men was 23.1% and in women it was 19.2% in the population age 20 years and above. Age, BMI, high salt-Intake, alcohol consumption, family history of hypertension was found to be significantly associated with hypertension.

Conclusions: Based on high prevalence, it is recommended that a basic protocol for screening of hypertension should be made for rural population which can be used for prevention, early diagnosis, and for prevention of complications.


Hypertension, Prevalence, Socio demographic factors, Rural, Delhi

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