A study on prevalence of reproductive tract infections among women in a rural area of Tamil Nadu

Kamini B., Srisanthanakrishnan V.


Background: Reproductive tract infections, adding burden to the morbidities in women especially in developing countries. Women, who are in reproductive age group, are at higher risk of contracting RTIs easily. Bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis and trichomoniasis are the commonly reported RTIs in India. Hence this study was planned to find the prevalence of self reported symptoms of RTIs and the prevalence of RTIs of public health importance in women of reproductive age group 15-49 years in a rural area.

Methods: A community based, cross sectional study was conducted among 461 women, who gave written consent. Participants were interviewed and if they have more than two symptoms of RTIs, they were included for gynecological examination and laboratory investigations at the rural health center.

Results: The prevalence of self reported RTIs was found to be 55.5% and 27.55% of participants had two or more symptoms of RTIs. Based on examination, Prevalence of cervisitis, vaginitis and pelvic inflammatory diseases were reported as 9.54%, 12.15% and 3.25% respectively. Based on laboratory investigation, candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis were reported as 6.075, 5.86% and 2.6% respectively.

Conclusions: With the prevailing burden of RTIs, it is important to create awareness and to health educate all women to reduce increasing trend of RTIs. This is possible with proper planning and implementation of health programmes in such a way that it should reach every women residing in the rural areas also. 


Reproductive tract infections, Candidiasis, Bacterial vaginosis, Trichomoniasis

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