A cross sectional study to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice regarding tuberculosis among the patients at GMCH, Udaipur (Rajasthan)

Mahendra Singh Rathore, Jyoti Jain, Mukul Dixit


Background: The present study was conducted to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice regarding Tuberculosis among non TB patients in Udaipur.

Methods: A cross sectional study conducted at Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital, Udaipur among the non TB patients during the period of 1st June 2015 to 31st December 2016 after obtaining Ethical clearance from Human Research Ethical Committee. Study was conducted on 220 patients using a pre tested questionnaire after taking their verbal consent to participate in study.

Results: Insignificant difference in knowledge about TB was found between male and female respondents. More than 65% of respondents found to have correct knowledge regarding sign and symptom, mode of acquiring TB and mode of preventing TB.

Conclusions: Health education directed towards improve knowledge and bringing a change in attitude and practice among non TB patients is needed to create awareness and remove myths about tuberculosis in groups of people in the community.


Knowledge, Attitude, Practice, Tuberculosis, DOTS, Sign and symptoms, Transmission, Prevention

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