Prediction of hypertension and cardiovascular disease risk in North Indian geriatric population: a conundrum of senescence

Rahul Saxena, Vinit Mehrotra


Background:Aging has been found to be associated with various sorts of health complications. Therefore, the present study was designed to evaluate the plasma paraoxonase (PON), Nitric Oxide (NO), Total Antioxidant Activity (TAA), lipid peroxidation and serum uric acid levels in the blood samples of different age group subjects and to determine their relation in the prediction of hypertension and cardiovascular disease risk with senescence.

Methods:Markers of antioxidant reserves (PON, TAA, and uric acid), lipid peroxidation and endothelial dysfunction were estimated in selected 120 healthy subjects by using standard methods. Out of 120 subjects, 80 individuals were categorized into two groups: group I (40-55 years) and group II (≥56 years) and statistically compared it with that of 40 younger controls (20-30 years).  

Results:Marked depletion in plasma PON and NO levels were observed in group I and II subjects as compared to healthy controls whereas plasma lipid hydroperoxide (LHP) and erythrocyte malondialdehyde levels (MDA) were increased significantly (P <0.05) in group I and II subjects. However, levels of plasma TAA and uric acid were altered significantly (P <0.05) only in group II subjects. In addition, PON levels were inversely correlated with endothelial dysfunction, lipid peroxidation and uric acid, and positively related with TAA.

Conclusions:These findings reflect the importance of assessment of plasma paraoxonase, as excellent marker along with NO in early prediction of hypertension risk and its related cardiovascular complications in elderly. Therefore, antioxidant defence system of body should be boosted up with advancing of age in order to avert future complications.


Lipid hydroperoxide, Paraoxonase, uric acid, Nitric oxide, Total antioxidant activity

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