Published: 2022-08-26

Perceptions and experiences of people living with non-communicable diseases during covid pandemic-a cross sectional study

Krishna Prakash Joshi, M. Hima Bindu, Deepak Jamadar, M. Nikhila Reddy, S. Chaitanyavardhan Reddy


Background: COVID pandemic has been more challenging to people living with non-communicable diseases, (NCD) regarding availability of medicines, physician consultation etc. In the absence of effective public interventions, socioeconomically vulnerable groups are likely to develop complications. Diseases like cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory disease, cancers and diabetes, contribute to about 82% of all NCD deaths in India. Present study was conducted with aim to identify the challenges faced and perceptions in the management of NCDs during COVID pandemic.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted between March to June 2022 by the department of community medicine, SVS medical college, Mahabubnagar. A pre-tested questionnaire was used on was used to collect data, which included demographic details of individuals and the information regarding their experiences and perceptions in the management of NCDs during the pandemic. The calculations were performed with SPSS program, version 23.

Results: In the present study it was found that about 37.5% had decrease in the physical activity, 43.8% changed their dietary habits, 45.2% population has gained weight and 41.4% had increase in stress, anxiety and sleeping disorder during the pandemic.

Conclusions: In the present study it was found that majority had change in the lifestyle behaviors, Challenges faced included non-availability of bed in the hospital and non-availability of medication. Half of the participants received guidance from the healthcare professionals.


COVID-19 pandemic, NCD, Challenges, Perception

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