Published: 2022-10-29

An online questionnaire study about factors affecting first aid knowledge of citizens in Hong Kong

Shek Ming Leung, Kin Chun Eagle Li, Pui Yan Leung, Hau Wan Lo, Sin Man Li, Yuen Ching Lui, Shuk Yi Leung, Ka Wing Leung


Background: The study aimed to identify the factors associated with first aid knowledge among Hong Kong citizens.

Methods: This was a questionnaire study that collected demographic data and assessed first aid knowledge. Multiple regressions were used to identify factors associated with first aid knowledge and participation in first aid course.

Results: Better knowledge was associated with participation in first aid course (beta=1.53, 95% confidence interval: 0.98 to 2.08), experience of performing first aid (beta=0.88, 95%CI: 0.19 to 1.57), medical-related course (beta=0.89, 95%CI: 0.21 to 1.58), males (beta=0.67, 95%CI: 0.17 to 1.17) and less years past after first aid course completion (beta=-0.08, 95%CI: -0.15 to 0) (n=230). Respondents with medical-related education background (OR=2.33, 95%CI: 1.03 to 5.27) had more participation in first aid course.

Conclusions: First aid course participation was the most important factor associated with knowledge. Regular refresher courses and promotion towards citizens without medical-related education background were recommended.



Knowledge, First aid, Surveys and questionnaires, Education

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